Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things I love about Taiwan

Not a complete list, but lately I've been thinking of the things I love about this place:
  • Damn it’s beautiful here.
  • The abundance of fresh tropical fruit, fruits I have never seen or heard of before, which leads to a lot of fresh, made-to-order fruit juice for very cheap.
  • The tomato is in its rightful place as a fruit.
  • In many public toilets, there is toilet seat sanitizer for your convenience. Beats the hell out of a paper seat cover.
  • The bus and trains are unbelievably convenient and affordable. And they usually don't smell!
  • Japanese and Korean food anywhere, anytime (Taiwanese food ain't bad either).
  • Jungle air every time I come home.
  • People don't stare all that much, at least in Taipei.
  • People love cycling. Oh god do they love cycling here.
  • The pork butcher down the street who has half a pig lying on his truck bed every morning.
  • The open air karaoke that the neighborhood drunks frequent.
  • The abandoned buildings behind tall brick walls that I want to break into.
  • Hot Lix. The bbq skewers in my little night market.
  • Tong Hua Night market.
  • Fireworks in my 'hood 24/7/365 (actually I hate that but I'm sure I'll laugh about it someday)
  • The bird outside my window with the craziest song I have ever heard who likes to get started at about 2 am. (another thing I'll laugh about someday)
  • Being able to drink beer when you're walking down the street.
  • All of the hilarious things I see here every day, usually in the form of terrible English on a t-shirt.

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Small Boat Sails into Big Mystery said...

Hi Emily, don't know how much this means to you but I am passing an award on to you that was given to me by Claire. To receive it you are supposed to create a post in which you list seven things you like, then list seven blogs you like with links so your readers can check them out, and pass the award onto these seven bloggers.

Got it? (also you can copy the award logo from my blog, or Claire's and paste it onto yours.)